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Girls of Blaze

Solange’s “Girls of Blaze” collection is fun, warm, bold, and youthful, just like the singer herself. 

Solange announced her new position as Art Director and Creative Consultant for Puma a few weeks ago and has teamed up with Gerlan Jeans, William Okpo and Soft Circle to bring their own distinctive aesthetic to the “Girls of Blaze” collection. 


Solange hand-picked four “It” girls from various professions to feature in the sportwear brand’s ad campaign. These include Saada Ahmed, the Kenyan beauty behind popular series ‘Everyday People’s Brunch’, Jill Martinelli Wimberly, one half of jewelery line ‘Lady Grey’, personal stylist Marjon Carlos and Solange’s very own back up singer Eva Tolkin. 




So far there is no release date for the kicks outside the US but if we find them we will let you know!! In the meantime you can buy then at Opening Ceremony

Jumping on the Juicing Bandwagon


We have succumbed to the pressure and bought a juicer. 

New year, new business, new health kick!

It all goes hand in hand…right??

I have to admit we are half assing it already.

Rather than doing a full-on juice cleanse, I’m eating clean meals and replacing lunch or dinner with a juice Monday to Friday. I am afraid I cannot sacrifice my weekends!!!  

Actually reading this back it sounds like the most lenient health-kick ever!! I suppose you get out of it what you put in so I will let you know how it goes!! 

Runners, Sneakers, Trainers - whatever you want to call them, they are having a moment!

Dashing around town and getting a whole lot done has never been easier since we can now pick up some speed in appropriate footwear - wearing sporty runners outside the gym is now OK people!!

"Sir Karl" even gave the look the seal of approval this week when he sent models down the catwalk in decidedly sporty looking runners at the Chanel haute couture show. 

So if you are not forking out for the Chanel version here is our round up of the best of the rest! 


  1.  Nike Blazer Mid Vintage €61
  2. Adidas Gazelle OG EF Shoes €77
  3. Topshop High Vamp Skaters £20
  4. Adidas Court Star Slim Shoes €63
  5. Nike Dunk Low Be True 
  6. Superga 2754 Mid Trainers €68.83
  7. Lacoste nievo mid £42
  8. Superga 2750 Plimsolls €43.54
  9. New Balance 620 Runner Trainers Grey £60


imageMoffy is the latest model gaining column inches in both fashion and mainstream media. Having landed the cover of POP Magazine earlier in the year she has now signed with Storm Model Management.

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The poor man’s Creme Del La Mere

The upshot of the sudden burst of Christmas parties, late nights and general tomfoolery hits not only your wallet but your face hard.

Grape seed oil, used as a face or body oil, has provided great results for my skin on a serious budget. I apply it to my face, leaving for a few minutes before gently rubbing off with a warm cloth. I apply it to my dry, sun starved white legs at night and awake with super soft thighs (a miracle in itself). 


If you, like me, are a millionaire trapped in a average industrial wage persons body, Grape Seed Oil might just be the beauty product to see you through the party season, helping your face and your wallet survive another night on the town. Enjoy!


                      Emma Stone uses Grape Seed Oil as a face oil.